Music Makes Manitobans

Music programs have been both altered and suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite not being able to make music together as we normally would, students continue to learn and grow as individuals; and musicians; through the various creative methods planned for them. 


Music Makes Us provides an additional avenue for students to learn about music and  the value of music in society. Preparing and recording Peter Meechan’s Song of Hope will create  a purpose and relationship across communities, while interviewing the alumni of music programs will give students a deeper connection to their music program and help them understand the impact music education can have on character  development, engagement, and quality of life.  

Peter Meechan’s Song of Hope is dedicated to Ryan Anthony and his charity Cancer Blows.  Originally a performance feature for Ryan Anthony during his journey against cancer, the piece goes on to provide us with hope in music rooms around the world.

This Music Makes Us interview project answers the following essential questions: 

  • How does music bring meaning to society? 

  • Can music bring people hope? How?

  • What music makes you hopeful? 

  • What role(s) can music plan in the life of an individual? Of a community?

  • What are some ways that music has enriched personal development, school  engagement, and quality of life? 

  • What memories about music and/or music making remain with musicians who  have participated in music making in school/community programs?

The Manitoba Band Association is thrilled to partner with the project creators in Westman to find out how Music Makes Us across Manitoba. The stories collected through this project are chapters in a larger story about how music makes Manitobans. Visit this page, and follow our social media, to learn about the impact music has had on our province.

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