2021 Recipients:


  • Garden Valley Collegiate

  • Friday Morning Concert Band

  • School Division of Mystery Lake

  • Morris School

  • Sistema Winnipeg

  • Mennonite Collegiate Institute


What is the MBA Program Development Fund?


A variable amount subsidy ($50-$300) to help band programs or community bands to adapt to new ways of delivering music. Subsidies are offered to help develop alternate and responsive programming in your region. There will be a subsidy awarded to a program or band or community band for each of the 8 MBA regions if a suitable submission is received.


Who is eligible?


Any program where the leader is an MBA member. Joint submissions from more than one member are possible and encouraged.


Deadline: There will be two deadlines for application submissions. January 11th and March 1st.


  1. Submit an application form (below)

    • Outlining proposal with reach and impact details

    • Amount requested with project budget

  2. The MBA Awards Committee will meet to determine successful applicants. Factors to be considered include, but not limited

    • Regional representation

    • Merit of the proposal

      • Student/member involvement

      • Potential to share the final result with others

  3. Two submission and award deadlines

    • January 11th - Awarded by January 18th (50% of available funds awarded)

    • March 1st - Awarded by March 8th (remainder of funds awarded)

  4. Successful projects will be required to submit a brief synopsis on the conclusion of their project


  1. Applicant must be an MBA member

  2. Funds must be used to develop new learning opportunities for band members

  3. Collaborative - Focused on a larger cohort of learners (not just individuals). A proposal that supports building community within schools and/or regions would be viewed positively

Project Options (could include, but are not be limited to the following):

  • Fees for bringing in guest artists (virtual or in person) to your site.

  • Inviting a composer/arranger to your classroom(s)

  • Acquiring technology hardware/software to help with new programming

  • Purchase of unique resources to assist in adapting to emerging needs

  • Acquiring music resources specific to online learning and home instruction.

  • Other ideas that will help your program during this time.

  • Projects designed to bolster recruitment and program participation following this unique time would also be viewed favourably (ie, “family of school” projects, projects that connect feeder schools with catchment schools, projects that create community among musicians, etc).



  • Project should be completed by June 15th.

  • Funds allocated spent by June 1st

  • Funds are not to be used for travel of students, instructors or guests.

  • Funds are not to be used for individual private lessons.

    • Group master classes may be approved.

  • Subsidy awarded can not be used to defray cost of another MBA project. (i.e. Family of Festivals)