Dear MBA,   
As the Conductor of the MBA Train for 28 years, Ken Epp’s vision, guiding hand, and wholesome character took the MBA on a memorable ride.  As our navigator, Ken derived great pleasure exploring and creating new destinations with his MBA and music colleagues. He kept MBA moving forward and we hope Ken would be pleased to read and “see” some new planned “destinations”.

In that spirit, the Remembering Ken Committee bandied ideas that would honour and reflect the driving forces of both Ken and the MBA. As well, these new projects celebrate MBA’s “life from within” ensuring that both Ken and MBA’s indomitable spirit will live well into the future.
We are counting on you to “jump on board” and celebrate Ken’s gift-that-keeps-on-giving. Your travel itinerary is below!


1st Stop: Summer Band Camp Award
The MBA Summer Band Camps are a fantastic part of our MBA activities and held a special place in Ken’s heart. These camps not only provide a great musical event, but also a wonderful sense of community and new friends for hundreds of our young band members.  Starting this August 2016, we will initiate the Ken Epp Character Award at each of the six camps.  This award will recognize an individual who best exemplifies the character of Ken Epp.  The committee has created criteria based on the word cloud compiled by Terèsa Lee in 2014.  Each recipient will receive a trophy/plaque at the respective camp’s final concert.
How can you help?  Please continue to encourage students attending camp - that is the single biggest way to help.  The MBA is also accepting donations (either click the link below, or contact the MBA office) to help offset the making of the main plaque that will stay with the camp over the years. 

2nd Stop: Composition Commission
MBA is commissioning a new work at the 2.5/3 level. Details of the piece are still in the planning stage.  This Fall (2016), the search for a composer will begin & final selection is slated for November, 2016.  Clearly the more costly component of the new programs, we are actively searching for avenues to financially support this formidable project.  This includes application to the Manitoba Arts Council, other granting agencies, a consortium element, and personal donations.
How can you become involved?  Beginning in the Fall, 2016, we will be creating a consortium of contributors to help support this new Canadian Work in memory of Ken. The fee is $250 per group/organization, and, as a member, you will be listed in the work cover, receive the score and parts, and be among the first to perform this new work. To facilitate your support, MBA can invoice your school/division for this (budget line) Music Purchase and split the cost over two years. A purchase order number would be helpful for both MBA and your school/division/organization's financial department.  There is also on-going discussion to have a mass ensemble/performance in the Fall of 2017.
Register Here to take part in this Project! 

How can composers become involved?  Our search for a composer will begin in September and conclude in November 2016.  We do plan on applying for a Manitoba Arts Council Grant in February 2017.  We do have preliminary information available at this time.  Interested Composers - Click Here!  

3rd Stop: Memory Bench
MBA has purchased a bench in memory of Ken that will be installed this August/September (2016) in Kildonan Park near Rainbow Stage.  The connection of the great live music, the wonderful park, and close proximity to the family home will make this a joyful and meaningful gathering place for the Epp family & MBA members. For the thousands of people who will pass by this bench en-route to a show, or cruising the park, we are betting more than one person will say “Hey, I know this MBA guy!”  A "Gathering" is being planned for Friday October 21st, 2016 following the Tempo Conference for all MBA and music colleagues. Please click here for an invite and details. 
How can you become involved?  We are accepting donations (either click the link below, or contact the MBA office) to help offset the cost of this project.  

4th Stop: Scholarship/PD Award
This project has now been approved by the MBA Board, and beginning in December 2016, there will be a Ken Epp Fund housed at the Winnipeg Foundation here in Manitoba. This fund will generate support of a PD Grant for a new band director in their first 5 years of teaching. Applications for the Grant will be up in the Spring and the first award will be handed out in October 2017 at the MBA AGM Luncheon. We do know that Ken always pondered ways to support music educators and that is the thrust of this scholarship. We are very pleased to have this new initiative taking place, and we welcome contributions to help support this fund.   Donations can be given directly through the Winnipeg Foundation (Fund Link!), or throught the MBA office. 
How can you become involved?  We are accepting donations (either click the link below, or contact the MBA office) to help support the Remembering Ken Scholarship/PD Award.  

As a reflection of our MBA colleagues, the Remembering Ken Committee’s energy and dedication to these projects was/is unparalleled. Planning sessions were a great mix of remembering our friend, Ken, and heeding the call to create blueprints for future community & band music.  Thank you to all MBA members and music educators everywhere for your anticipated support of these significant projects.

Jump on board the MBA train – click Donate & enjoy the new scenery!