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Annual MBA Christmas Tuba Festival


MBA's Christmas Tuba Festival (established 2002) provides an opportunity for tuba and euphonium players from across Manitoba to gather in December to perform a concert of Christmas carols on the Piano Nobile level of the Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall for Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra patrons. 

It is suggested that you download and print the music and many find it helpful to us a three ring binder and to place the music in program order.  The Program order will be sent by email in the fall. 


Prepare as much of the following program as possible.

  - if you have participated in the past, please bring your music.

  - some additional music has been added in the fall of 2018.
  - if you need music, please visit the link below (Coalition) and print a free copy of each selection.
  - some selections have been recorded on their website to assist with your preparation. (updated soon)
  - please also print and prepare the additional Linklater selections (3) PDF files from below (NEW).
  - Euphoniums play part 1 or 2 (your choice).  Euphonium parts are written in bass clef and treble clef.
  - Tuba/Sousaphone players play part 3 (or part 4 when written).

  - Level One parts have been added last year and this year as options for our newest players.

WSO Special Offer for Tuba Christmas Participants

This year the WSO is pleased to offer special $15 ticket pricing (section 2, 3 or 4 seating; limit 4, venue sustaining fee applies per ticket) to the December 15th performance of New York Voices Christmas Special. A promo code will be sent to participants upon receipt of paid registration. 

In addition, the WSO is excited to offer each MBA Tuba Christmas Festival participant a voucher valid for a pair of tickets to your choice of one (1) of the following concerts:

KUNÉ – Canada’s Global Orchestra

Beethoven’s Triple

Scandinavian Greats

Vouchers will be presented to participants upon arrival and registration at Centennial Concert Hall on Sunday, December 15th.  Read More Here!


  Registration will begin in August and all correspondence will be sent via email.


  Media Release Statement - Photographs/Videos & recordings of band members may be taken by the WSO, MBA,

  or the media during the event. Participation in this event is your permission for these items to be used at the

  concert, in promotional material, on-line and in the media.


Additional level one parts added October 10, 2018 arranged by Chris Byman.  You can use the Scott Irvine, Vanessa Nowostawski, or Chris Byman parts as they all align for that selection.  The Fraser Linklater arrangements are separate selections.

COALITION WEBSITE (Scott Irvine): (our traditional booklet) 

          or the MBA  Tuba Music Folder

NEW SELECTION (Chris Byman):

         A Holiday Medley: for low brass ensemble!

            - Commissioned by the MBA for this event in the Fall of 2018.

ADDITIONAL SELECTIONS & LEVEL ONE PARTS: (for our newest players) 

         O Little Town Linklater PDF

         Angels We Have Heard Linklater PDF

         O Come, Emmanuel Linklater PDF

         Tuba & Euphonium Level 1 Parts Nowostawski (new) PDF

         Tuba & Euphonium Level 1 Parts Byman (new) PDF



In the fall of 2018 Jay Uschold, & Rob Monson (Tuba) and Kevin James & Vanessa Nowostawski (Euphonium) recorded the selections at Gelnlawn Collegiate with Adam Mlodzinski.  Players can now learn and hear their parts for the music by listening to the selections on the right and even play along with these wonderful musicians.

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