2021 Results

Junior Category:

  • Winner – Nate Ferguson, Trombone – Acadia Junior High

  • Woodwind Honourable Mention – Joyce Liu, Flute – Acadia Junior High

  • Brass Honourable Mention – Abigail Funk, French Horn – Acadia Junior High

  • Woodwind Honourable Mention – Avery Penner, Oboe – Robert Andrews


Intermediate Category:

  • Winner – Sam Ferguson, Trumpet – Acadia Junior High

  • Woodwind Honourable Mention – Yutong Xin, Flute – Fort Richmond Collegiate

  • Brass Honourable Mention – Adrienne Gill, French Horn – Vincent Massey Collegiate

  • Woodwind Honourable Mention – Shelli Traskovski – Oak Park High School


Senior Category:

  • Winner – Dennis Neufeld, Bassoon – Morning Glory School

  • Woodwind Honourable Mention – Steven Hwang, Clarinet – Fort Richmond Collegiate

  • Brass Honourable Mention – Amaya Sydor, Bass Trombone, Vincent Massey (Brandon)

  • Brass Honourable Mention – Hanna Hashi, Trumpet, Fort Richmond Collegiate

Congratulations to all participants!



About Solo Challenge

Are you looking for a new challenge?

Would you like opportunity to receive FREE one-on-one coaching from

an MBA member?

How about the chance to win a free online lesson with one of the top players

in our Manitoba community?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then you might be interested in the MBA 2021 Solo Challenge!


Deadline for application is December 18, 2020. Recorded submissions are due January 17, 2021.


  • The MBA Solo Challenge 2020 is open to any student in Manitoba who

    1. is between grade 5 and 12

    2. plays a concert band instrument

    3. is taught by a private instructor or band teacher who is a current MBA member

  • $10 Entry Fee

About the Challenge:

  • The Challenge is divided into four categories:

    1. JUNIOR (Grade 5-8)

    2. INTERMEDIATE (Grade 9-10)

    3. SENIOR (Grade 11-12)

  • The challenge consists of two divisions:  Competitive and Non-Competitive.

Competitive Division:

  • Record yourself playing a solo or etude on your band instrument (no longer than 8 minutes) and submit your recording

  • PLEASE NOTE: for the Competitive Division, excerpts of band music or honour band etudes are not accepted. If you have questions about whether your repertoire is suitable for this division, contact us at  

  • If you wish to receive a FREE 30-minute virtual coaching session on your audition prior to submission, please check the box indicating this on the registration form. You will then be paired with a music educator who will offer help in preparing your audition.

  • A winner and honourable mentions will be named in each category.

Non-Competitive Division:

  • Record yourself playing any excerpt of music (no longer than 8 minutes) and submit your recording.

  • Participants in the Non-Competitive Division will receive adjudicated feedback but are not eligible for the coaching session or the competition prize in their category.

Applicants participating in the Competitive Division must perform literature for their instrument that would be defined as a solo or etude. Excerpts of band music or honour band etudes WILL NOT be accepted in the Competitive Division.

Feedback on your playing (adjudication) will be emailed to all participants during the week of February 1-6, 2021. Winners of the Competitive Division will be informed and results posted no later than February 6, 2021.


All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation and written anecdotal feedback on their submission provided by a music educator.

Competitive Division:

  • The First Prize winner in each division (Junior, Intermediate, Senior) will receive a one-hour virtual lesson with a professional musician on their instrument.

  • Honourable Mention recognition will be made for the top Woodwind, Brass and Percussion submission in each category.



2021 Thanks


A huge debt of gratitude is owed to our 2021 Solo Challenge Volunteers!


The Solo Challenge this year was made possible by:


  • over 45 hours of volunteer coaching during the preparation process

  • over 30 hours of volunteer adjudication

  • over 40 hours of volunteer administration


Thank you to the following volunteers that provided this important educational opportunity for our Manitoba Band students:

Volunteer Coaches:

  • Alena Arnason

  • Matt Robinson

  • Kevin Lewis

  • Sarah Lewis

  • Iain Ormiston

  • Scott Miller

  • Chris Wolf

  • Jacquie Dawson

  • Kathy Lalonde

  • Stephanie Wilson

  • Ikjyot Bharaj

  • Joanne Kosheluk

  • Alexis Silver

  • Lori Jede

  • Alexandra Funk

  • Laurel Ridd

  • Katy Abraham

  • Beck Watt

  • Honor Gouriluk

  • Michiko Singh

  • Cheryl Ferguson

  • Ryan Wehrle

  • Victoria Sparks

  • Aaron Wilson

  • Joel Green

  • Ross Brownlee

  • Darryl Ferguson

  • Fraser Linklater

  • Murray Lawrance

  • Richard Gillis

Volunteer Administrators:

  • Cheryl Ferguson

  • Darryl Ferguson

Volunteer Adjudicators:

  • Bobbie Fast

  • Alexis Silver

  • Jaclyn Loganberg

  • Sara Sulyma

  • Alena Arnason

  • Derek Klassen

  • Laurel Ridd

  • Murray Lawrence

  • Annabelle Dragicevic 

  • Tyra Zander 

  • Kaylynne MacDiarmid 

  • Josh Bater

  • Stephanie Wilson

  • Jenn Shead

  • Stevie MacPherson

  • Matt Abraham

  • Fraser Linklater

  • Cal Wiese 

  • McKenna Thiessen

  • Maddie Stenning-Brown

  • Jesse Thomas

  • Bill Kristjanson

  • Eric Marshall

  • Sarah Lewis



Past Results


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