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The following is a collection of frequently asked questions about the MBA. If you have any further questions, please  contact us.


What is the new MBA organizational structure?


The role of the MBA Board is one of governance, responsible for setting the vision for band in Manitoba and monitoring the work of the Executive Director to ensure it is in line with the Board’s vision. The vision is outlined in our ENDS policy.  As part of the MBA’s new policies, the Executive Director is responsible for developing operational policies, processes and a framework that make it possible to achieve the goals that have been established. 

The MBA ‘Ends’ policy reads:

The culture of Manitoba communities and the province as a whole is enhanced by band music; it is a vehicle of expression and a source of joy that improves the quality of life of all who experience it.

Within the provincial boundaries of Manitoba it is equally important that:

* Band is accessible to all (and that quality band music opportunities are available). 

* Communities and individual lives are enriched by band music.

* Band inspires creativity that celebrates our diverse population.

How is the Board of Directors structured?


The changes made in the bylaws and board structure included a vision that the whole Board would represent the whole of Manitoba (as per bylaw 8.4: “The Board shall ensure a slate of individual nominees is presented to the Membership. Consideration must be given to creating a cross-section of representation.”), and that we would solicit input from as wide a range and demographic as possible.  This means that all Manitobans have equal representation on the Board.  The current structure of the MBA Board allows for 5-7 members (7 is considered to be the maximum number for a responsive, effective board), a change made based on considerable research into non-profit best practice. It is the membership who chooses the make-up of the Board.


What is an MBA: Connect session?

We organized the MBA: Connect sessions as a way to engage with the band community across the province, and we will continue to provide opportunities for dialogue.  We equally encourage the band community to get in touch with the MBA to share successes and challenges


How do I get in touch with the Board or the Executive Director?


Contact information for our Board or staff can be found can be found under the Contact Us section. 

What is considered an MBA program or event?

Programs and events entirely managed and hosted by the MBA staff team are considered MBA programs and events, such as our Family of Festivals. A full listing of MBA programs and events can be found here.  With regards to event liability insurance, the MBA’s insurance policy only covers MBA hosted programs and events. This insurance policy change came into effect in 2022.


How do I request support (financial, advocacy, etc.) from the MBA?

We are currently developing a process for requesting support. If a band or community is currently in need of support, please contact the Executive Director. 


How do I share or promote my event with the MBA?

As an MBA Member, you can share your events in our Community Calendar, sent out in our  e-news newsletter.  Simply email with a short write-up.

Why support the MBA?

Supporting the MBA, through membership, donation, participation in our programs or by volunteering, will ensure that band is accessible to all and thriving in our province.


Created July 2023

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