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MBA Team

Our volunteer Board Members are responsible for setting the overall direction of the MBA and ensuring we continue to develop, support and advocate for band in our province. For questions about MBA governance, or becoming a board member, please contact any member of our Board at

​Matt Abraham (chair)

Justine Burke

Cheri Foster

Pete Meechan

Chloé Plamondon

Jennifer Shead

Call for Board Nominations

The Manitoba Band Association is seeking nominations to join our Board of Directors as of our Annual General Meeting on October 10, 2023.


Members of the Board should be committed to operating under the Carver Policy Governance board model, adhering to the duties and responsibilities of a Board Member as outlined in the MBA’s Governance Policies document, and attending at least four board meetings per year. In order to begin staggering the start dates of Board positions, all returning Board members will be nominated for a one-year term (fall 2023 - fall 2024) while all new Board members will be nominated for a two-year term (fall 2023 - fall 2025).


Members of the Board must also be committed to fulfilling the MBA’s Ends policies, which read as follows:


The culture of Manitoba communities and the province as a whole is enhanced by band music; it is a vehicle of expression and a source of joy that improves the quality of life of all who experience it.


Within the provincial boundaries of Manitoba it is equally important that:

  • Band is accessible to all (and that quality band music opportunities are available).

  • Communities and individual lives are enriched by band music.

  • Band inspires creativity that celebrates our diverse population.


As a provincial organization, we are seeking nominations from all geographic areas of Manitoba, as well as nominations which reflect the breadth of the membership of the MBA (community band members, private instructors, music industry leaders, music educators, etc.). One or more of the following skills would be an asset:

  • Communications

  • Finance

  • Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility planning

  • Legal

  • Human resources


For more information about the MBA Board or the nomination process, please contact the Nominating Committee at . To nominate yourself or another individual, please fill out the form HERE. The deadline for applications is September 23, 2023. Nominations will not be accepted from the AGM floor. All applications will be reviewed by the MBA Nominating Committee. 


For questions about MBA programming, membership, funding support, sponsorship or volunteering, please contact our Executive Director at

Executive Director - Kasia James

Program and Membership Coordinator - Kim Pelletier


MBA volunteer committees provide vital support to our programs and operations. If you're interested in joining one of our committees, please contact our Executive Director at 


1977 - Monty Schoen

1978 - Monty Schoen

1979 - Jim Mackay

1980 - Jim Mackay

1981 - Mary Carlson

1982 - Mary Carlson

1983 - Orvin Anderson

1984 - Teresa Lee

1985 - Paul Paterson

1986 - Mary Carlson

1987 - Eilene Paterson

1988 - Eilene Paterson

1989 - Flavio Cianflone

1990 - Flavio Cianflone

1991 - Bob Miller

1992 - Jim Mackay

1993 - Jim Mackay

1994 - Robert Payne

1995 - Robert Payne

1996 - Teresa Lee

1997 - Teresa Lee

1998 - Teresa Lee

1999 - Patsy Andrews-Vert

2000 - Patsy Andrews-Vert

2001 - Patsy Andrews-Vert

2002 - Robert Houston

2003 - Robert Houston

2004 - Jacquie Dawson

2005 - Jacquie Dawson

2006 - Wendy McCallum

2007 - Wendy McCallum

2008 - Wendy McCallum

2009 - Wendy McCallum

2010 - Janet Yochim

2011 - Janet Yochim

2012 - Janet Yochim

2013 - Janet Yochim

2014 - Blaine Workman

2015 - Robert Payne

2016 - Robert Payne

2017 - Robert Payne

2018 - Robert Payne

2019 - Cheri Foster

2020 - Cheri Foster

2021 - Chloé Plamondon

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