Advocacy - Band Together

The Manitoba Band Association (MBA) is in its 44th year of service to the Manitoba band community. This rich history of Manitoba band culture extends through 290 school band programs serving thousands of band students, community bands, private teachers, community partners, and performers. Although organizationally we are doing everything we can to continue to provide programming that connects our community virtually, we cannot ignore the impact Covid-19 restrictions have had on each and every member. Virtual alternatives cannot compare to real time, in person, collaborative music making.


Safety is of the utmost importance to our organization, and we are grateful that the province has taken proactive measures to protect Manitobans over the past months. As our government looks to engage the #RestartMB Pandemic Response System, we hope that they do so in reference to the extensive research now available regarding aerosol mitigation in wind instrument playing. Links to this research can be found on the MBA web page below. There are many North American examples of how wind bands have been reintroduced with mitigation in place, none of which have resulted in Covid-19 outbreaks. Within Manitoba, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, University of Manitoba, Brandon University, and Canadian Mennonite University have already demonstrated how this can be done, and we hope that all bands in Manitoba can follow their lead and resume rehearsals as soon as possible.   

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