MBA Zoom Masterclasses


Join us on Saturday, February 27th for the inaugural MBA Zoom Masterclass Sessions! The Woodwind class will be at 1:00pm, followed by the Brass/Percussion class at 3:00pm.


Funded by the MBA Covid-19 Response budget, this new initiative is FREE for all participants and has been designed to connect students of all ages and levels with local clinicians.


These sessions will focus on instrument fundamentals accessible to all, and may be customized based on the experience level of attendees. We will be using Zoom breakout rooms to separate instrument groups, so it is recommended that you use a computer to join (if possible, not required). These are meant to be interactive sessions, so having your instrument ready to play is strongly encouraged!



More information about the clinicians can be found below, or you can watch their Honour Band Audition Example Videos on the MBA YouTube Channel Here.


Although this is the only masterclass scheduled at this time, future sessions will be considered based on feedback from this first session.