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Upcoming Sessions


The MBA invites you to “The Answer is in the Room” – an informal weekly meetup for band teachers to connect and reflect with each other, hosted by Janet Yochim and Bill Kristjanson. You are encouraged to bring your questions for those who have expertise, and your expertise for those who have questions! These sessions will be recorded, but not posted. Zoom link will be provided upon registration. Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom!

June 10, 2021 @ 7:00pm - Looking Forward Kickoff


Looking Forward is a project developed to address the concerns of Manitoba band directors as they work to re-build and rejuvenate Manitoba bands following the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This panel discussion with Bill Kristjanson, Janet Yochim, and Rob Chrol will focus on:

  • Recruitment and Retention

  • Working towards remediation

  • Advocating for ensembles and programs

  • What values/philosophies led to growth and development of programs?

Register Here: Looking Forward Kickoff

June 17, 2021 @ 6:00pm - IMC @ Home Diversity in Ensembles

IMC @ Home is presenting Diversity in Ensembles: Creating an Authentic Performance Context. Taught by Dr. Leah McGray & Dr. Armand Hall, this event is sponsored by Eckroth Music and free for all attendees!


Register Here: IMC Diversity in Ensembles


Past Zoom Sessions

  • Scott Lang • Recruitment

  • Fraser Linklater • Resources

  • Victoria Sparks • Percussion Ensemble

  • Jenn, Sarah, & Matt • Classroom Reflections

  • Vanessa Nowostawski • Classroom Reflections

  • Rob Chrol • Classroom Reflections

  • Wendy Bancescu • Choose Joy

  • Jacquie Dawson • Bell Covers

  • Cheryl & Darryl Ferguson • Will They Be There When This is All Over? Recruitment and Retention

  • Alexis Silver & Greg Crowe •  Self-care, and a little bit more….

  • Wendy Zander McCallum •  Systematic Preparation for Instrumental Instruction

  • Erin, Brooklyn, Graydon, Meaghan, & Anna • Embracing the Awkward Family Photo: A Portrait of Collaboration

  • Alain Guilmette & Matt Abraham • Tales from the Back Row

  • Darrell Chrisp • Nurturing Community in Your Band Program

Past session recordings are available to MBA Members here!